Jelly Belly Sparkling Water is Coming to Prove Life is Sweet

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My childhood just dipped its toes into the sparking-water world, and I’m so ecstatic!

My FAVORITE jelly beans, JELLY BELLY Beans, are now a sparkling water, and the world just rejoiced!

They are going to be available in the flavors French Vanilla, Lemon Lime, Orange Sherbet, Piña Colada, Pink Grapefruit, Tangerine, Very Cherry and Watermelon. I call the Piña Colada immediately!

Can you just IMAGINE adding a little Vodka or Rum, and making these into sugar-free adult beverages?!?

Oh, yeah. Did I MENTION they are going to be sugar free?!? These tasty beverages are just made from Sparkling Water and natural flavorings. They simply have that PERFECT Jelly Belly flavor!

I am already in love!

They just need to add my favorite Jelly Belly flavors, Buttered Popcorn, Cinnamon, and Toasted Marshmallow. Would that be weird? Nah!

According to, these Sparkling Water beverages will be available at Hy-Vee stores the week of January 13. They are also soon to be listed on the Jelly Belly website.

Hopefully, they will be rolling out to our favorite grocery stores soon to follow.

The more I think about it, they also need to come out with Green Apple, Top Banana, and Margarita flavors. Do you think they take suggestions?

What flavors do you want to see in their new Sparkling Water?

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