Kit Kat Lemon Crisp’s Are Here And They Have Me Ready For Summer

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Kit Kat candy bars have me dreaming of summer!

They have come out with a LEMON CRISP flavor, and I feel like I’m sitting at the beach, sipping on a frozen adult beverage, and dipping my feet in the cool ocean water.

I love lemon ANYTHING — cookies, lotions, drinks, in my water — but the lemon is usually reserved for those hot summer activities.

NOT NOW! I think Kit Kat has made a GENIUS choice to bring us these candy bars in the dead of winter.

They are so bright and sunshiny! They can turn any dreary day around into a day full of fun, lemony flavor.

So far, these crispy wafer candy bars have been spotted at Food Lion. TECHNICALLY, they were already released in Japan, but that variety had a little salt added. Not the same.

They have also only been spotted in the “mini” variety. That means they are bite sized, and individually wrapped. That won’t stop me from binging the bag!

So far, I can’t find them on the Amazon, Walmart, or Target sites. Trust me, I’ve looked.

Be looking for them soon, though. I’m hoping Food Lion is JUST THE START!

By the way, this was not one of the flavors that Kit Kat teased as a new flavor for 2020. I’m totally okay with that. I like sweet surprises!

You should totally check out this Raspberry Creme Kit Kat that’s here for Valentine’s day. It isn’t lemon, but it’s SO GOOD!!

Courtesy of Walmart

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