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Raspberry Creme Kit Kat’s Are Here Because Life Should Be Sweet

Kit Kat, you really can do no wrong in my book.

But, now you’ve just gone and made life even sweeter with these Raspberry Creme Kit Kat’s.

Courtesy of Walmart

My FAVORITE of all favorite flavors is RASPBERRY, and KitKat has now come out with a Raspberry Creme flavor!

This KitKat has the same crispy wafers that we all know and love, but they have sandwiched them in a super-yummy Raspberry Flavored White Creme!

Oh my dear heavens! I can hardly believe these exist.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, KitKat has brought us these bright pink wafers full of tasty raspberry creme goodness.

These are GREAT for those crazy people who don’t like traditional milk chocolate. They have a tart, fruit flavor mixed with an essence of white chocolate.

These Kit Kat Raspberry Creme wafer candy bars are a serious treat for even the pickiest palates.

Look for these WHEREVER you find KitKat’s traditional milk chocolate version of their delicious candy bar.

You can even find a version of these right on Amazon, to make life easy.

You also HAVE to check out these KitKat Dark Mint wafer candy bars. They are, OMG, good!