Kit Kat May Be Releasing 5 New Flavors Next Year Including Cotton Candy

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Kit Kat is known to release some pretty epic flavors worldwide and it looks like we may be getting a new set of flavors right here in the U.S. next year.

Kit Kat May Be Releasing 5 New Flavors Next Year Including Cotton Candy!!!

Credit: Markie_Devo Instagram

The news broke via our friend @markie_devo on Instagram when he posted the picture below saying:

“Hey you, I heard you like snack leaks, and so did @walmart . Recently Walmart leaked 4 possible 2020 flavors of @kitkat . The flavors are Cotton Candy, Cherry Cola, Orange Creamsicle and Chocolate Cream Pie. I have mixed feelings here, but I’m damn sure excited for Cotton Candy and Choco Cream Pie mmm?..Which one of these would you like to get your hands on??For now sit tight more info coming soon”

As you can see above, the new flavors include: Chocolate Cream Pie, Orange Creamsicle, Cotton Candy and Cherry Cola.

So, what is the 5th flavor? Well, another Instagrammer posted this image below with an Apple Pie Flavor. YUM!

And we already talked about the 6th new flavor coming… Birthday Cake Kit Kat’s.

Seriously, if this is true, we are about to be SPOILED!

No news on when or where these will be released yet but I am so dang excited either way!!

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