You Can Get A Cinnamon Toast Crunch Gingerbread House That Comes With A Matching Ugly Christmas Sweater

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All I can think about is how GOOD this gingerbread house must smell…

A cinnamon toast crunch gingerbread house exists and get this, it comes with a matching ugly Christmas sweater!!

On sale now, the Cin-Gerbread House Kit has everything you need to build the perfect festive house – including an ugly holiday sweater emblazoned with Cinnamojis to celebrate in true CTC style while constructing your absurdly delicious masterpiece.

Other kit items include:

  • Betty Crocker Cinnamon Toast Crunch Icing to hold the foundation together
  • NEW Gingerbread Toast Crunch cereal for shingles
  • Cinnadust for a delicious, snow-covered finishing touch 
  • Gingerbread pieces to create the house  
  • Candies to make the house extra epic

Like how cute is that kit? Seriously though, it’d be so hard not to eat (you totally could though) and I bet it smells DEVINE.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch superfans can get their hands on Cin-Gerbread House kits at https://shop.cinnamontoastcrunch.com/ for $39.99 while supplies last!

Gingerbread Toast Crunch cereal is on shelves now at select retailers nationwide for $5.69 (mid size) and $7.17 (family size).

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