You Can Now Get Hidden Valley Ranch Popcorn at the Movie Theater

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There’s just something about movie theatre popcorn that’s always better than the bowl you pop at home.

And Hidden Valley Ranch, wants to make the popcorn at the movie theatres even more superior than it already is.

Thanks to the popular condiment brand and AMC Theatres, the two are introducing a new kind of popcorn that doesn’t just sprinkle butter and salt.

What they call as their new “gourmet popcorn”, Hidden Valley Ranch and AMC Theatres have partnered together to create a bowl of popcorn that tastes just like a side dish of ranch.

Courtesy of @amctheatres

Drooling yet?

Featuring freshly popped popcorn dressed to perfection with Hidden Valley’s Ranch seasoning, you can expect this new favorite movie theatre snack to be available at select AMC Theatres nationwide.

Now the only decision you have to make (other than scoring a bowl of Hidden Valley Ranch flavored popcorn), is deciding which size to snag while you wait in line at the theatre.

Courtesy of Target

We’re thinking large.

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