McDonald’s Adult Happy Meals Have Been Removed From Menus. Here’s Why.

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One of the most nostalgic McDonald’s experiences of our childhood was getting a McDonald’s happy meal.

I personally have such good memories of happy meals and to this day, have several figurines I kept after all these years.

Courtesy of @mcdonalds

Well, McDonald’s is fully aware of us adult fans because last year McDonald’s released Adult Happy Meals which were a major hit for adults nationwide.

The golden arches fast-food chain released a cactus plant flea market box in either a 10-piece chicken mcnuggets meal option or a Big Macs meal option. Both came with fries and an ice cold drink.

Courtesy of @pittsburghfoodnerd

Plus, the adult happy meals came with one of McDonald’s famous mascots such as Birdie, Hamburglar, Grimace or Cactus Buddy.

Courtesy of @deanobot

While every adult who remembers eating a Happy Meal in the backseat of their parent’s car as a kid, wanted to snag one of these, it looks like not everyone got one…

It’s safe to say that McDonald’s underestimated the brand’s fans and hit a big bump in the road with distribution.

Courtesy of @rmhcwm

Unlike past partnerships, many McDonald’s locations sold out of the specially designed box in hours or even days. And because of sold out boxes and toys nationwide, McDonald’s made the decision to put an end to sales early.

Courtesy of @rmhcwm

Are adult happy meals still available?

No. Unfortunately, McDonald’s officially ended the Mickey D adult happy meals on October 14, 2022 leaving fans everyone devastated.

Will adult happy meals come back?

At this time, McDonald’s has not made any announcement or plans to bring the adult happy meals back. However, in the past, we’ve seen collaborations with celebrities such as Travis Scott, Kanye West, J Balvin, popular K-pop band BTS and many more over the recent years that cater to an adult crowd.

We’ve also seen McDonald’s release their own fashion brand including hoodies, McDonald’s Crocs and many more that have spread like wildfire on social media.

Courtesy of @pittsburghfoodnerd

With that being said, we wouldn’t be surprised if McDonald’s decided to bring back the adult happy meals especially given that people are still searching for them.

One thing is for certain, adults want to relive the good old days just take the annual return of the Halloween buckets as an example.

I think it’s time that McDonald’s USA gives us a new adult happy meal, don’t you?

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  1. I would think they would keep the adult happy meals. I mean with the price they were charging and they still had almost every adult wanting them. I am pretty sure they made a pretty penny selling them. They need to bring it back permanently. They know they will make the money. I for one would go more often. Hey does anyone know if you can buy the toys from this last one anywhere? I would like to get the rest of the collection.

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