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Captain Morgan Just Released A Sliced Apple Spiced Rum Just In Time For Fall

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This is fall, Captain Morgan style, y’all!

OMG, this is really happening! Captain Morgan — yes, that delicious amber colored spiced rum — has created a Sliced Apple Spiced Rum, and it just might be the BEST thing to hit store shelves this fall!

By itself, Captain Morgan Rum is DELISH. It is made of molasses and sugar cane, and it has a distinctive spicy sweet flavor that floats over your taste buds like a warm hug.

Courtesy of Captain Morgan

BUT, now Captain Morgan has fused their spicy rum flavor with the flavor of fall’s favorite fruit — the apple — and the results are a fantastic bite of sweet, tart, and spice!

We took the flavor of our signature Original Spiced Rum, added a subtle hint of ginger and fused it all together with the deliciously juicy and crisp taste of fresh cut apples. 

Captain Morgan Press Release

I don’t know about y’all, but this is on my foodie fall bucket list, for sure!! There are so many possibilities here!

You can drink Captain Morgan neat (straight up in a glass), enjoy it over ice, or even chill it (I LOVE to keep some in my freezer) and serve it cold in a shot glass. DANGER — these go down almost too smooth! *Smile*


I can’t wait to try my Captain Morgan Spiced Rum with an explosion of apple flavor! Bring on fall, Baby!!


Of course, you can ALWAYS use it in a fun fall mixed beverage, or use it in a fantastical fall desert — like this Old Fashioned Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce. OMG, if you haven’t tried this easy dessert, you are NOT living your best life, and I’m not sure we can be BFFs anymore.

This Captain Morgan Sliced Apple Spiced Rum is available in a 750ml bottle, which has an ABV of 35%, for a retail valued price of $15.99. You can find it across the United States and Canada, so that means I need to head out to my favorite adult beverage headquarters TODAY to grab me up a bottle!


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