Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Kids Wearing Face Masks

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Turns out, your kids need to be wearing masks when out in public.

Trust me, I know. It’s hard to get kids to wear ANYTHING that they don’t want to wear. Masks are probably going to be included in that list of things they won’t want to wear.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Kids Wearing Masks:

1) Kids under 2 years old should not wear masks. Think about it. That kid is probably going to be struggling, fighting you, and touching ALL OVER their face, trying to get that mask off.

It’s not worth the risk. It’s more important to keep their hands clean, and try to keep them inside. Also, do your best to redirect them when they try to put everything in their mouths.

2) Make it a game. Usually, if you make things into a game, kids will be more willing to do things that might otherwise by no fun.

Practice around the house. Maybe see who can go the longest wearing a mask without touching their face. Make it fun.

3) There are no set guidelines for kids, yet. The CDC has recommended that people wear face coverings in public, but there are no specific guidelines set in place for certain ages.

Just make sure the mask fits their face. It should cover their nose, and go down around their chin. It should also cover about 1/2 of their cheeks, and tie around the head — top and bottom — or loop around their ears. Ties MIGHT be easier for them to keep on their little heads.

Courtesy of The CDC Website

4) If you are making their mask, just do the best you can. The CDC has several templates for making masks, and there are no differences in masks for children. Mask should be made of cotton materials, like cotton fabric, t-shirts, or bandanas.

The thicker the mask, the better. BUT, the child still has to be able to breathe freely.

5) Wearing a face mask can be scary at first. Kids tend to NOT like things that are “different.” Be open and honest. Answer questions that they have, in simple terms.

Explain to them why it is so important that we wear masks at the moment. Also, tell them this isn’t forever, it is just for now — like wearing a coat when it’s cold.

6) Masks are NEVER a replacement for social distancing or proper hand hygiene. Yes, you should wear a mask in public. BUT, you should also still maintain six feet between you and other people. And, YES, you should still wash your hands — like, all of the time.

7) Teach your kids how to properly take off their masks. Tell them the importance of only touching the masks by the ear loops or head ties. Also, teach them the mask goes STRAIGHT in the washing machine, and hands get IMMEDIATELY washed when the mask comes off!

Y’all. The most IMPORTANT thing to remember is to simply keep kids home if possible. They should only be going in public if it’s an emergency, and there is NO other choice. Please, for your safety, their safety, and the safety of others, STAY HOME.

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