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Here Is Everything You Need To Know About The Old Navy $1 Flip Flop Sale

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It’s June, and you know what THAT means: the Old Navy $1 Flip-Flop Sale is almost here!!

This is an annual thing, and people look forward to it just as much as they look forward to Independence Day, Memorial Day, or Halloween!! It’s a BIG FREAKING DEAL!


If you haven’t shopped the sale before, Old Navy sets a date in mid to late June, and puts their solid color flip flops on sale for a buck!

There is usually a limit that you can purchase (usually around 10 pair), and the lines will be outrageously long, but waiting is totally worth it!


I mean, the flip flops are only $1! That’s ONE DOLLAR, ONE BUCK, 4 QUARTERS, 10 DIMES, 20 NICKELS, 100 pennies.

Go dig in your couch or in your washing machine, pull out that loose change, and get ready for the sale, because it’s inevitably on its way!

Circle this date on your calendar: Saturday, June 13 is the tentative date. The date isn’t 100% set in stone, but if I were a betting person, it would be on this day.

I know your next question — Will this sale be online at the Old Navy website? The sale is typically only in-store for the first few days, and then SOMETIMES, depending on availability, you can pick them up online during ONE day. In the past, it has been on Sunday, the last day of the sale.

Keep in mind — only certain solid color flip flops are included in this sale, and the most popular colors go first.

If you can’t wait for the sale, the Old Navy website does currently have these solid colored flip flops on SALE for $2 for the kids sizes and $3 for the adult sizes. That’s still a super good deal!!

Be looking out for the Sale. It just may start THIS weekend, so get your loose change ready! It’s about to be ON!


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