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‘Butter Boards’ Are The New Charcuterie Board And They Are Buttery Goodness

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Crusty French bread, slathers of butter, delish toppings — what’s not to love, here?

There’s a new trending foodie fave on TikTok, and it’s the Butter Board. Excuse me if I drool a little.

It seems these butter boards are inspired by a recipe in Josh McFadden’s book Six Seasons, in which softened butter becomes a delicious carrier for whatever flowers and herbs are in your garden.

You definitely wouldn’t eat an entire stick of butter as a snack. But, spread that butter on a board, add some herbs and spices — maybe some fruit and edible flowers — grab some bread, and it’s on!!

Don’t worry. If you are all COVID conscious, you don’t all have to sink your bread into the same butter. You can definitely use a butter knife to spread that delicious creamy snack onto your bread of choice.

These boards are pretty easy to make.

You just grab your favorite unsalted soft butter, and smear it — nice and thick — onto a board. Or, if a board doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you can definitely use a plate to make your beautiful buttery creation.

Next, top it with stuff. You can pretty much do whatever you want here.

Some people are using coarse salt, lemon zest, honey, figs, edible flowers, rosemary, basil, roasted garlic, cinnamon — just get creative.

I mean, you could even get pretty basic and layer the butter with different kinds of preserves.

What kinds of tasty toppings can you come up with?

If you decide to make your own butter board, I want to see pictures!!

You can get your copy of Josh McFadden’s book Six Seasons HERE.


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