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Hostess Released New Bite-Sized Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and Donettes For On-The-Go Snacking

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I spend a lot of time on the go and always find myself looking for an easy snack to take with me.

Sometimes I end up in the convenience store grabbing a snack between clients, but every little penny adds up.

The smartest thing to do is to have snacks for on the go on hand at home and throw them in your bag to take with you.


I crave sweets when I am tired and bust, and what could be better than a poppable sweet treat based on some of our all-time favorite Hostess treats?

Consumers increasingly are looking for snackable, poppable, shareable treats that offer a sweet reward without the mess, and that’s exactly what Hostess Bouncers deliver. We’re excited to roll out mini variations of some of our most-loved creations as the perfect sweet surprises in any lunch box.

Christopher Balach, general manager of Hostess Brands, said in a statement

Hostess has taken top favorites like Twinkies, Cinnamon Donettes, and Chocolate Ding Dongs and shrunk them down to a poppable size and I have to have them!

I already know that the Cinnamon Donettes will be a favorite!

The new poppable Hostess treats are called Hostess Bouncers and you can buy them in multi-pack boxes that have 5 pre-portioned bags to grab whenever you need a snack.

The new Hostess Bouncers are already being spotted in stores, so keep your eyes open for them!


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