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McDonald’s Halloween Boo Buckets May Be Returning This Halloween Season. Here’s What We Know.

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Remember when McDonald’s handed out Halloween Boo Buckets with every Happy Meal purchased in the month of October?

Well, hold on to your witch hats, my friend.

Word on the street is that the hamburger giant is maybe bringing these Boo Buckets back for the 2022 Halloween season!

McDonald’s is being tight lipped about the possibility — but sources are saying that these much-sought-after buckets are FINALLY returning.

This would mark the first time since 2016 (SIX YEARS!!) that the Halloween Boo Buckets will grace the little hands (or big hands, in my case) of Happy Meal eaters.

According to the website Nightmare Nostalgia, McDonald’s employees have leaked the info that these fun Halloween Boo Buckets are once again going to be a part of the Halloween Happy Meal lineup this October.

Supposedly, the much loved spooky Boo Buckets are going to be available starting October 18th, and will be sold (while supplies last, mind you) until the biggest creeptastic day of the year, October 31st.

I see Happy Meals for dinner in my family’s very near future!

If you are all up in your nostalgic McDonald’s Halloween feels right now, you can actually see a retro ad for the Boo Buckets HERE.

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