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People Are Obsessed With These Stained Glass Light Bulbs And I Can See Why

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Do you ever look around your home and feel like something is just missing? I do, and I’m pretty sure it is because I need these stained glass lightbulbs that have gone viral on TikTok.


They are seriously so pretty! Even while turned off, they look so much better than a regular light bulb.


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But…when it gets dark and you turn your lamps on with these bulbs, things get gorgeous! These bulbs are perfect for somewhere that you want to add some mood lighting.


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I have a few lamps that I turn on in the evening so that things are not too bright. I try to keep it relaxing as it get’s closer to bed time and these stained glass light bulbs put out just the right type of light for that.


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The bulbs people have been using are General Electric’s stained glass light bulbs. They are 25-watt light bulbs and cast a multi-colored light.


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Perfect mood calming light

This isn’t something you’ll want to use in your reading lamp or anything like that. This is more for a calming light. I absolutely plan to pick up some of these bulbs!


You can buy the stained glass light bulbs in a five-pack for less than $20 on Amazon. If you just want to try one bulb, you can buy them in single packs from Target.


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