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Here’s The Entire Cast For ‘Dexter’ Season 9

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Eeek! With every new bit of news throws our way about the new ‘Dexter’ revival I get more and more anxious! Y’all don’t even know how serious I am when it comes to ‘Dexter’.


There are very few shows or movies that I can watch over and over again and ‘Dexter’ is one of the few. Another series that I can watch over and over is ‘Breaking Bad’.

I’m so excited to tell you about the rest of the cast. The cast that is coming together to give us the ‘Dexter’ ending we all deserve, closure y’all!


If you watch ‘The Mandalorian’, then you probably know Julia Jones. She will be playing the part of Angela Bishop, the first Native American Chief of Police in her town in upstate New York.


Johnny Sequoyah, of ‘Believe’, will play the part of Audrey, which is Angela Bishop’s teenage daughter.


Alano Miller, of ‘Sylvie’s Love’, will play Logan. Logan is a sergeant for the Iron Lake Police Department as well as the assistant wrestling coach for the local high school.


Jack Alcott, ‘The Good Lord Bird’, will play Randall. I’m not sure what his character is other than having a “meaningful encounter” with Dexter (according to Deadline).


Then of course you probably already know about Clancy Brown! If not, click on over and read about his part in the new series. He is playing Kurt Caldwell.


Dexter Morgan

And we can not have ‘Dexter’ without Dexter Morgan and that has to be the brilliant Michael C. Hall! It’s only 10 more episodes, but I’ll take it!


Here is my issue though… I was hoping that Dexter would be with Harrison and Hannah. Seeing this cast, that seems to be a no.


In my head, I envisioned Harrison having his own “dark passenger” and Dexter going to him and teaching him “Harry’s code”. It doesn’t seem like that is the case though.

Please don’t let us down with this! I’m begging!


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