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The Home Of “Buffalo Bill” From ‘Silence Of The Lambs’ Is For Sale And I Would Totally Live There

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Ohhhh! I love ‘Silence of The Lambs‘, but “Buffalo Bill” was one creepy dude! Not only because he skinned people, but he was also just straight-up creepy all around even without the murdering part.

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Well, the house that was used as his house in the movie is for sale and could totally be yours! I think superfans would love that! It could be yours in time for Halloween and that would be EPIC!

The house is a 3 story Princess Anne Victorian and is located in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. It is the home where the serial killer “Buffalo Bill” took the women he kidnapped.

Later he would prep them, kill them, and skin them to make himself a lady suit! But we have to keep in mind, that was a movie. No one was actually skinned in this home, or were they? bwahahahahaha


About the “Buffalo Bill” Home

Either way, murder house or not (we’re leaning towards not), it’s a gorgeous home and sits on 1.76 acres. It’s right near the Youghiogheny River too! Proper dumping grounds? Just kidding!


Anyhow according to the listing it has the original hardwood floors, woodwork, fireplaces, light fixtures, pocket doors, and even wallpaper! All of this is said to be in pristine condition!


There is a basement, but sadly… there is not a well to store your “friends” in!

The home was built in 1910! They did put a new floor on the wrap around porch, I’ve always wanted one of those porches! They also added a fountain and a rose garden.


There is a 3 car detached garage and this used to be the Layton Station General Store. This place has a ton of history! There is even a swimming pool with a vintage caboose right next to it!

If you have the funds to invest this could be an amazing Airbnb considering the history as well as the ties to the movie. You can buy the “Buffalo Bill” home for just $298,500 which is honestly a bargain!

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