This Newborn Kitten Photoshoot Is The Sweetest Thing I’ve Seen All Day

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Are you ready for just about the cutest article ever? It’s a kitten — dressed like a newborn baby — in a newborn photoshoot. I might need a minute. *Squee*

This is Luna.

Kitty Lee Photography.

She belongs to Amelie, the daughter of Kitty Schaub. Can you believe ‘Kitty’ is her real name? Gah!

Kitty Lee Photography.

Kitty — the mom, NOT the cat — is a photographer, and the owner of Kitty Lee Photography.

When she brought 9-week-old Luna home, they decided to do a newborn photoshoot to commemorate the occasion.

I mean, if you are a photographer, what else would you do?!?

Kitty Lee Photography.

The photoshoot was complete with little headbands, baby wraps, and the cutest props around!

Kitty Lee Photography.

When Kitty posted the pictures on Facebook, they went VIRAL. I mean, why wouldn’t they? They are the cutest pictures I have ever seen!

Kitty Lee Photography.

So, they decided to do something GREAT with the new-found social media fame surrounding Luna. They made the photoshoot pictures into a calendar, and the proceeds go to Save A Stray, a local animal rescue.

That is just about the sweetest thing I have ever heard! Way to pay it forward, Kitty and Amelie!

Kitty Lee Photography.

In case you are wondering. Luna has grown up, but she is still just as cute as ever!

Kitty Lee Photography.

Since you are OBVIOUSLY a fan of the cutest animals around, you should TOTALLY check out the cutest dogs on Instagram! Be careful,though, I lost two hours of my life just browsing through pictures. Ha!

Courtesy of nuggetiam on Instagram

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