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You Can Now Get A Disney Backpack That Has A Spot To Hold Your Ears and It’s Pure Disney Magic

There is a new Loungefly backpack of the Disney variety for sale, and I must have it immediately.

We’ve all been there.

You’re at Disney, getting ready to go on a fast ride, and your backpack is so full that there is NO WAY you can fit your favorite Mickey Ears inside (or Minnie ears — I’m not here to judge).

There’s no way you can wear them ON the ride! They will forever become part of the decor of the attraction (been there, done that).

You wouldn’t dare shove your special ears down inside your bag anyway, they’d be all crushed to heck.

Up until now, the only option you’ve had is to HOLD your ears throughout the entirety of the ride — but that’s no fun!

Leave it to Disney to come up with a way to remedy the Disney Ears situation, and they’ve done it in the absolute cutest way possible!! *Gah!!*

Now, if you know anything about Disney AT ALL, you know they have a special collab with Loungefly backpacks, and I might have a little bit of an addiction.

These Disney Loungefly backpacks are ADORABLE, functional, and collectible. AND, they just got a bit more magical!

These brand new Minnie-ear Loungefly backpacks are making Dis-nerds everywhere do the hot dog dance (if you know, you know).

Not only is this backpack covered in colorful Minnie-ear designs, you can actually attach your ears right to the bag — displaying them for all to see, and protecting them from getting absolutely crushed by all the souvenirs inside your bag.

OMG! Every detail of this backpack has been thoroughly thought through. The fabric on the INSIDE of the bag is even covered in Minnie Mouse ears!!

So, the next time you want to catch a ride on Big Thunder Mountain, spend some time hanging with your friends at Splash Mountain, or zooming down the track on Slinky Dog Dash, you can safely attach your ears to your Loungefly backpack, and not worry about them flying off your head or getting obliterated in your bag.

You can get your own Minnie Mouse Ears Loungefly backpack at select stores at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, at Disney Springs, at Disneyland, and they will be available later this month online.

They will cost $75, which is about the standard price for a Disney Loungefly backpack.

I will be at Disney in December, and you can BET I’ll have my Minnie Ears Loungefly Backpack!