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This Man Built His Wife a Mini Chicken Coop Town and I Love It

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I used to have SO many chickens! We usually had between 50-60 chickens and several dairy goats! It was so amazing.

Loudmouth Photography

Sadly, we had to leave our country home behind and move to the city. Super sad.

Loudmouth Photography

We do plan to get back out to the country as soon as possible, and boy do I have plans!

Yes, I will have chickens and goats again! Maybe some other critters as well depending on how much land we can get.

One of those plans it to have my husband create something like this for my future chickens! Mitzi Ballard, you are one lucky chicken mama!

via Facebook @Mitzi Ballard

Freaking AMAZING right?

This guy built this for his wife and I am so very very jealous!

via Facebook @Mitzi Ballard

You see, my chicken coop was built by me and the kids. It wasn’t cute or pretty. This is like a dream!

He built her a complete town for her chickens! The details are fantastic!

It is just like an old town square! There is a hotel, a cafe, a mercantile and more! He even made them a saloon!

via Facebook @Mitzi Ballard

This blacksmith workshop has built in chicken feeders!

I would have LOVED those! You just pour the feed in the top and the chickens peck the feed from the bottom!

via Facebook @Mitzi Ballard

I seriously can’t get over the details he included in this custom chicken town!

Look at the jail keys and the chicken behind bars!

via Facebook @Mitzi Ballard

Now, the saloon is my absolute favorite part of this whole set up.

My second favorite part is the livery! This is such a beautiful recreation of a traditional red barn and it is just so perfect.

Seriously y’all, I am JEALOUS!

via Facebook @Mitzi Ballard

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  1. This is incredible. Obviously from a very talented couple. Thank you for the entertaining and inspirational pictures.

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