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This Couple Had A Slavery Themed Engagement Photoshoot And The Internet Isn’t Having It

I have seen a LOT of weird things on the internet. But this may be one of the most perplexing things I’ve seen…

So, this is an engagement shoot. By glance, it just looks like cottage core…until you see the chains.

We don’t know who did this, but it has been ALL over the internet since first discovery. It’s original post on Instagram has the username covered before being shared.

Joke or not, this is a bit much. The caption reads:

“1842. Days passed and everything changed, our love got stronger and stronger, he was no longer a slave, he was part of the family.”

Um, WHAT?!? Who on earth thought this was a good idea? Why does this have over a thousand likes? Why was the photographer ok with this!?!

This is SO not ok, joke or not. I’m all for creativity, but this isn’t it.