This Woman Drew What We’re All Thinking…And It’s AMAZING!

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Reddit user bpwwhirl asked his wife to draw a picture of what’s on her mind. And…it’s a lot. And…it’s amazing. Basically, it’s the same things that are on all of our minds, I guess I’d just never seen it in picture form before…

censored women's brain

Yes, yes, yes, to all of this. Throw in a little bit about how no one changes the toilet paper roll, and how the microwave stays dirty, and basically you’re inside my head. And probably yours.

So why are we like this?

It makes me LOL because it’s seriously something that I think every single woman can relate to. It’s like the difference between men and women when they say they’re going to bed.

Man: I’m going to bed.

Goes to bed.

Woman: I’m going to bed.

Folds clothes out of dryer.

Starts new load.

Washes cup in the sink.

Feeds ferret.

Wonders why no one else feeds the ferret.

Changes toilet paper roll.

Checks on kids.

Makes lunches for next day.

Puts away dishes.

Picks up living room.

Wonders why no one else bothers to pick up the living room.

Turns off TV.

Gets cup of water for now awake kid.

Reads quick story.

Takes a shower.

Dries hair.

Reads chapter in book.

Brushes teeth.

Gets annoyed by snoring husband who doesn’t do anything.

Checks on crying baby.

Feeds crying baby.

Grabs water cup from now sleeping kid.

Washes cup.

Puts it away.

Goes to bed.

Is there any wonder why we’re all so exhausted all the time? No, I think not.

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