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How To Stay Out Of Facebook Jail

One of the hardest things about being someone who does direct sales is how to stay out of Facebook jail. What is Facebook Jail? It’s when your facebook profile can’t like, comment, post or go live on Facebook. A lot of times it happens suddenly and without warning, and Facebook never gives you a reason why. Sometimes they will let you know when your temporary Facebook ban is lifted, but most of the time you just sort of have to wait it out.

how to keep yourself out of facebook jail

The best thing for anyone who uses Facebook to run their business is to stay out of Facebook jail and here are some quick and easy tips to keep that from happening.

Tips to Stay Out Of Facebook Jail:

  1. Go live and sell things from a Facebook Business page. Not your personal profile. Facebook isn’t a huge fan of people trying to sell things from their personal profile and it can be seen as spammy. So, if you’re selling something, keep that on your business page, and just share it to your personal profile from your page if you want your friends to see it.
  2. Use an older profile to do all your scheduling and live videos, etc. What do I mean by that? Don’t use a Facebook profile that you just made a month ago or one that hasn’t been used at all in the last five years, either. Facebook is looking for patterns and one of the things they are looking at is brand new profiles. If you are brand new and suddenly posting twenty times a day, then Facebook will consider that jail-worthy activity.
  3. Don’t put prices on your live video post in the video description. The dollar signs and money amounts are insta-scam worthy to Facebook and they will not only show your video or post to less people, but they might also restrict your Facebook profile from posting as well.
  4. Buy your own custom URL and forward it to sale page. Lots of direct sales companies have a registration form you need to go and fill out or a page where you are supposed to buy your stuff, and all of those are attached to a url. You can buy a url here, and then just forward it to your super crazy long URL that your direct sales company gave you.
  5. Make your own graphics. I know that a lot of direct sales give you fancy schmancy graphics for you to use in your Facebook posts, and they sometimes even give you the stuff to write with it, but this is SUPER DUPER spammy. Basically, if you and every other rep is using the exact same graphics or text, Facebook isn’t going to show those posts to anyone and they are going to throw you right in jail. I love PicMonkey for all my graphic making needs!
  6. Go live and post about other stuff! Don’t make every single post you have JUST be about selling stuff. Show them a sneak peek of your shipping process, chat with them about joining your team, or just go live while you’re at the feed store, petting chickens. You don’t want Facebook to see your page as only selling things, it needs to be something that adds value to someone’s facebook feed!
  7. Don’t ask for shares in the comments, or in the description of a video. You can say out loud in a live video that they should share, but ask your viewers not to type “shared” in the comments when they do it. I realize this is easier said than done, but typing “shared” can also send your customers into Facebook jail, too!
  8. Don’t use words like “sale” and “free” in the text of your posts. These words are seen as spammy by Facebook and not only can this get you put in jail, but Facebook will show it to less people who like your page, as well. Avoid anything that makes the post LOOK like a sale. Dollar amounts, dollar signs ($), etc. Try to write your post in such a way that you are just going live to chat it up with some friends on a Tuesday evening!

how to stay out of facebook jail

Facebook is constantly changing things, so just make sure to be as authentic as possible. The key is to make people WANT to watch your videos and see your sales, and Facebook will show them to more people and keep you out of the clink. 🙂

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