300 Calorie Or Less Dinners To Kick Off The ‘New You’

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Diets fail because we tell ourselves we can’t eat what we want anymore. But that’s just not true! If there is something you absolutely love to eat, chances are there is someone out there who has designed a low-calorie version of that food. And I’m here to tell you, diets don’t have to be about nothing more than salads ever again! These 300 calorie or less dinners are proof that delicious can come in light packages. So take that iceberg lettuce back out of your cart and start making a list of ingredients – ’cause this diet’s about to get GOOD! Enjoy!

300 Calorie Or Less Dinners To Kick Off The ‘New You’

1. If you don’t like salmon, it might be that you’re making it wrong! This citrus dill salmon recipe is amazing!

2. You won’t miss the meat with this delicious and hearty vegetarian chili.

3. The kiddo’s will love this chicken and broccoli casserole, and they’ll never know it’s low-calorie!

4. I have no idea how this zucchini lasagna is less than 300-calories, but I can’t wait to try it!

5. Love fried fish, but hate all that fat? Check out this crispy fish with lemon and dill sauce. Yum!

6. This spinach and artichoke grilled cheese is what grilled cheese becomes when it grows up.

7. Savory chicken pot pie is the perfect cold weather meal, but without the extra calories.

8. Light and delicious garlic and shrimp quinoa won’t leave you over-full, but you’ll be fully satisfied.

9. Try pork ragu with polenta when you crave something new.

10. BBQ chicken pizza doesn’t taste like diet food (because it’s not)!

11. This steak and grilled vegetables lets you have your steak AND eat it, too!

12. Don’t order in Chinese! Try this kung pao chicken next time that craving hits.

13. Okay, technically this parmesan Tuscan chicken is 4-calories over the goal, but if you’re gonna cheat, it should be with something like this!

14. Hearty beef stroganoff doesn’t have to be full of fat to be full of flavor.

15. Try this copycat Chick-Fil-A sandwich! It tastes as great as the real deal, but with way less calories!

16. Light and flavorful Thai chicken soup will hit the perfect spot.

17. These taco stuffed peppers are a Mexican twist on those stuffed peppers we all love!

18. Make this honey lime shrimp and your taste buds and waist will both thank you.

19. Delicious cashew chicken doesn’t have to be full of sodium and fat to taste amazing!

20. Next time you have cravings from over the boarder, make these chicken enchiladas. Delicioso!

21. Sticky pork chops don’t taste like diet food…they taste like your next favorite recipe.

22. Want a traditional taste? This chicken pot roast is low calorie, but with the same savory comfort food flavor.

23. Next time you crave cheesy spaghetti, make this for a low-calorie twist!

24. Try this cheesy meatloaf when you need something hearty, but also slimming.

25. Delicious chicken quesadillas are perfect for any Mexican night, and perfect for that new figure!

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