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25+ Ways to Make Your Toddler’s Playroom Awesome!

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I’m about to embark on a new experience: Creating a playroom for my toddler daughter. I want to make it awesome. Like top of the awesome mountain awesome. And I’ve found  25 Ways to Make Your Toddler’s Playroom Awesome!

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  • Start simple by asking your kiddo what they want. If they’re talking (which mine is not yet!), look at the toys they like or the shows they like to watch. There’s nothing like setting-up a playroom they love…isn’t that the point? If her favorite toy is a stuffed unicorn–do a whole theme around that. If his favorite show is Daniel Tiger…run with it. The point of the room is fun, right?
  • Think about storage. A lot. I want to be able to pick-up toys and put them away and have a clean room every once in a while. I also think that’s a big part of play–cleaning-up afterward! LOL! So I’m eyeing this cubby bench. First, I love cubbies, and second, well, I love horizontal spaces that you can sit on…it’s just awesome. And I think I can make it super-awesome like this idea.
  • For me, this playroom is going to be a combo “office” (which for me consists of a couch and a laptop) as well as a playroom. So I need a place to sit near an wall plug and a comfy place to roost. I’m thinking about this awesome couch from Ikea, the Friheten sofa/chaise bed. Its got storage (’cause I’m thinking about that real hard) and because it’s available in an awesome pink. Gotta have my priorities straight.
  • The kiddos have to have a place to sit, too. So I’ll be whipping together some DIY floor pillows in coordinating colors to my awesome pink couch!
  • Reading is a super-important part of the growing-up-ness. So, I found this awesome idea for a wall of books. Easy enough to make with a few pieces of wood, but I’m also afraid that’s too tall for my little pumpkin (she’s only 2-feet tall after all!), so I was checking-out this shorter bookshelf so she can still see the titles. Because, really, that’s all she’s doing right now–reading the titles! Ha!
  • In order to read though, all children need a reading nook! The perfect reading nook is a teepee. I can totally make a no-sew teepee, put together a flameless campfire (because who wants a teepee without a campfire?!), string-up some lighted rattan balls on the ceiling (to be safe from little grabby-toddler hands) and throw-down a cozy sheep-skin rug and viola!
  • Before we read though, I think a wall of letters will help us learn to spell! I can get the sheet of metal at my local home improvement store, then I just need a whole bunch of letters and we’re off.
  • Stuffed animals need a home, and some little wall-hanging baskets do the trick. Just remember to hang them low enough for the kiddo!
  • I’m all about the idea of a chalkboard wall (or at least a small portion), and I’m taking notes from this awesome list of 5 Things You Should Know Before Painting a Chalkboard Wall.
  • Every playroom ought to have a ball pit…I LOVED these as a kid and my daughter thinks they’re the bee’s knees (if she knew what bees or knees were…she would anyway). I think this one is awesome, not sure why everyone doesn’t do it this way…I’m getting the pool, balls (like 1,000 of them, because I love a good ball pit, really I do), and slide this week…why wait for the room to be ready?!
  • Bring their favorite toys–and the kitchen sink! One of the things my daughter LOVES is playing with plastic bowls and pretend food. I got her a wok-set for Christmas and she spends forever stirring the little wooden veggies. So, we have an old kitchen set from when my son was little that we’ll just clean-up and let my tiny girl have. But, if you really want to be cool, you can make your own from cardboard boxes!
  • A DIY Tube Wall is like an obstacle course for the kiddo’s brain. It’ll be great in our playroom on the long wall by the door.

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  • If the walls still seem pretty bare, decorating with our board games might be the best idea–because it both stores the games (which I’m still thinking about a lot) and it’s cute. Just toss the games in frames without glass, tape the pieces on the back in a baggie and you’re ready to hang them!
  • In the beginning, deciding what to paint the playroom can be tough. Once you kind of have an idea of where the room is headed (like me with my pink couch, teepee and campfire, and all this other fabulousness), you can sort of determine if a solid grey with white polka-dots on one wall is right, or if a chevron pattern in teal is right on all the walls. For me, we’re doing teal stripes, vertical, not horizontal. We’ll see how that works out. The best thing about paint is that it can be painted over if it sucks.
  • An origami mobile is a great way to get baby up and moving–I might do this over the couch, too so I have a reason to sand up and move-about! I want more than origami hanging from the ceiling though (but I DO want the origami–let’s not be confused), so I might also put in a glow-in-the-dark solar system mobile. Just for fun.
  • We’ll definitely have to have a baby play station…easy to make with toilet paper rolls and we can add all sorts of noise-making stuff like crinkle-paper, links and whatnot! Then, if we get tired of that, we can put a giant roll of drawing paper in the same place!
  • In our playroom, we’re totally having a water blob–inside the ball-pit (which is a swimming pool), thank you very much! All I need is painter’s plastic, an iron and some water…
  • Instead of a rug, I’ll be making a play mat to go with the decor. Then, if it gets torn-up, we’ll just make a new one.
  • Maybe I’ll make a dollhouse…(there’s getting to be a lot of “I’ll make” in here…). Or maybe I’ll just buy one and not be overwhelmed with the number of DIY ideas for the playroom.
  • Gardening indoors? Yeah, that’s the kind of thing my daughter would love. So, we’ll be making an indoor gardening station…because that’s the kind of mom I am.
  • Rules must be established prior to playroom operation…conveniently, there’s a decal for that.
  • Make a statement before you even walk in the room by changing the door into a dutch-split! This isn’t a DIY link, but I totally think I can do it just based on the picture. Hmmmm…
  • As my little girl grows-up just a bit, she’s going to need a dress-up station, which I can TOTALLY make from an entertainment center I’m sure to find on the side of the road…and until she’s old enough to use it, I can make use of it as a TV stand for the playroom. Just set the TV on top!
  • I love the idea of putting a compass rose on the ceiling around the light fixture–but I’ll use a decal instead of painting…much less mess…
  • The finishing touch and something I will NOT try to make: an awesome floor lamp (with doggie). My electrician skills…let’s just not go there.

So, that ended-up being a LOT more ideas than 25…oops! In the event that this JUST wasn’t enough ideas, check out these 50 Ideas for Playing with Babies and get some additional great ideas for a toddler activity wall or just about anything!

Want more boy ideas (because I know most of mine are girl-oriented for my daughter)? Check out this 3-Boys One Room story!

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This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. These are really great ideas! Please keep them coming for the next growth stages!!

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