I Got The Covid Vaccine. Here’s What It’s Like.

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This morning I got up bright and early for my vaccine appointment with the county health department. They did a drive-thru vaccination (which is the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to me in a drive thru) and I was in and out in under an hour.

I followed the signs and pulled into a line of cars in a big parking lot to wait my turn. Within minutes they were at my window asking me my name, date of birth, etc. A mask was required for them to talk to me, and I was required to keep my mask on throughout the whole process as long as my window was down.

First stop, paperwork. They handed me a clipboard that asked me questions like, “Have you had another covid vaccine? Have you ever had an allergic reaction to a vaccine? Are you pregnant or breastfeeding, etc.” Nothing out of the ordinary. All pretty plain questions.

They then asked me in person, not on paper if I was feeling okay. I was, so it was time to pull up to the next big white tent. I pulled in and a little nurse pulled down the side of my shirt and stuck me. It was so fast I didn’t even notice it. These aren’t some thick vaccines with giant needles or anything. It’s quick and virtually painless. (They gave me the Moderna vaccine.)

Then I pulled up into the waiting area. Where you had to wait 15 minutes to make sure nothing weird happened to you. And that’s when I started to feel some things. Right after the vaccine, I felt a little nauseous and my arm started to hurt, about ten minutes after, I got a headache.

A nurse came by and asked me how I felt. I told them I felt kind of bleh, and they had me wait an additional fifteen minutes just to make sure I was all good. I still felt kind of crappy, but nothing awful. So I drove home.

When I got home, I drank a gatorade, and that seemed to help the feelings some. (I didn’t eat or drink before my appointment, I should have. I know better.)

My nose ran a little after that, but other than the yuck feeling in the beginning and the running nose I am feeling pretty good. And happy to say that in a few weeks they will send me a text message to let me know my next round is ready to go!

Honestly. get the vaccine. It wasn’t all that hard.

I’ve already planned my vacation for spring break. 🙂

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