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Virgin River Has Been Renewed for Season 6

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Ahhhh I have been anxiously awaiting for Virgin River Season 5 to arrive.

But as we wait, some news has just been announced via Netflix…


Virgin River has officially been renewed for a sixth season!!

Yes, that means more Jack, Mel and the rest of the gang!!

Now, if you don’t remember how Season 4 ended, here’s a little recap…

In the ending of Virgin River Season 4, we finally find out that Jack is the father of Mel’s baby! Honestly, a sigh of relief when we found out, right?


As for the rest of the season, you may remember that Denny was a new character introduced who ended up being Doc’s grandson.

While it makes it seem that Denny is lying about who he is, in reality, Denny has a fatal disease known as Huntington’s Disease.


This disease is how his strange behavior, including stealing medicine from the clinic, is explained.

As for the fate for him and Lizzie, only time will tell.


When Does Virgin River Season 5 release?

According to Netflix, Virgin River Season 5 premiers on Netflix on September 7, 2023.

“Get ready for more romance, paternity drama, rural drug kingpins and general small-town theatrics when Virgin River returns for Season 5 on Sept. 7. “


And ya know, that means we can expect Virgin River Season 6 in the next year or two.

I seriously cannot wait for the new season. I’ll be putting that as a sick day on my calendar so I can binge watch it!!

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