Goodbye, Sunburn. This Floating Canopy Kit Lets You Swim in the Water With Constant Shade

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Say goodbye to this summer’s sunburn.

Thanks to Amazon, you can now float in the lake or play ball in the pool with a constant cover of shade and no, I’m not talking about a cloudy day.

What’s dubbed the floating canopy kit, this must-have summer kit provides the tools you need to put a roof over your head for an extra layer of protection from the beating sun.

So think gazebo, expect on water.

Courtesy of Amazon

Featuring the essentials to make your canopy stay afloat, the round yellow floats attach to all four corners of most pop-up canopies to allow the cover to float on water.

Let the summer festivities begin!

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Just keep in mind that you will have to provide your own canopy because this kit only provides the necessary tools to make your canopy at home float on the water just as well it stands on the ground!

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So while your sun-bathing in the ocean or having drinks with friends at the lake, be prepared for your floating canopy to be the hot, or should I say the cool spot everyone will want to hangout under.

Just don’t forget to bring the floating canopy back on land when you’re finished in the water!

Courtesy of Amazon

You can currently find the floating canopy tool kit online at Amazon this summer season!

Courtesy of Amazon

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