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You Can Plant ‘Honeymoon Tulips’ That Are Pure White With Fringe Petals And They Are Gorgeous

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The Honeymoon Tulip is unlike any other that have seen before. It’s a fringed tulip with gorgeous pure white petals. The edges of the petals are fringed and so beautifully unique!


They are large bulbs that measure 12-14 cm in size. Everything I have read about them say they are easy to plant and grow, which is totally important for someone like me.


The flowers bloom mid to late in the season. You should expect to see the flowers starting to bloom in mid-spring. Tulips grow best in an area with full sun to light shade.


Early Autumn is the perfect time to get the bulbs into the ground. You will need to plant them 4-5 inches deep and 3-6 inches apart. They grow best in a well-drained area.


I love the bright white color of the petals! Totally flawless! That fringe is so gorgeous and unlike any flower I have seen before. I would love to have these and think they would look gorgeous cut and placed in a vase.


You can purchase your own Honeymoon Tulip bulbs on Amazon right now! It’s the perfect time to get them into the ground for the blooming season next spring! Could you imagine these as a wedding bouquet? Stunning!


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