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Here’s Why You Won’t See Holiday Peeps In Stores This Year

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Where are all the Peeps?

Peeps are kind of like Candy Corn. You either love them or hate them, which is weird, because they are sugar covered marshmallows. I mean, what’s not to like?!?


If you are Team Peeps, I have some sad news for you. There won’t be any new Holiday Peeps this year. *Sad Face Emoji*


No Ghostly Peeps, Pumpkin Peeps, Monster Peeps, or even Gingerbread or Christmas Tree Peeps. Could 2020 just stop already, with the bad news!!


Why won’t there be Peeps this holiday season? Like just about everything else on earth, when the COVID-19 shutdown happened, the Peeps factory shut down.


That meant that the production of Peeps was greatly affected. There were enough Peeps to last through Easter, but now there is a big old Peeps shortage.

Never fear — this is but a temporary problem — THANK GOODNESS!!


According to Junkfoodmom on Instagram, Peeps do plan on making a comeback in 2021, so we can put this whole 2020 debacle behind us!


If you simply can’t wait until 2021, there is a bit of hope on the horizon. The Walmart website has a plethora of Peeps, which you can choose to purchase.

Peeps have a 2-year shelf life, so these Peeps should be JUST FINE. There are also a whole ton of flavors to choose from!!


While they do have some Halloween and Christmas Peeps goodies on the Walmart website, they also have flavors like Hot Tamale Peeps and Sour Watermelon Peeps. You might even find a flavor you haven’t before tried.


Will you be stocking up at Walmart? Or will you wait until next year to partake in the Peeps goodness?


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