Facebook Is Monitoring You Even When You Aren’t in the App, Here’s How to Turn It Off

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The other day I was scrolling facebook and I came across a post that mentioned that Facebook was monitoring us. Well, I knew that.

But what I didn’t know was that they were doing it even while you were not using the app. I always wondered, but I didn’t know for sure.

Well, they are and you can turn it off.

I took these screenshots on my Android phone. Step by step instructions on how to find these very buried settings and turn them off.

I mean, I don’t know about you, but I feel as though we are already monitored way too much!

Step one is getting to your ‘Settings & Privacy’ as indicated with the yellow arrow. Click that drop down arrow.

Once you have clicked the drop down arrow, you will see what is shown in the image below. Click ‘Settings’.

Once you click that, you will see what is shown below. Click on ‘Off-Facebook Activity’.

Once you’ve done that you will see what is shown below. Click on ‘Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity’.

Next you will need to click on ‘Manage Future Activity’.

Then you will see how they use your off-Facebook activity. Scroll past that to the bottom and click ‘Manage Future Activity’.

Next, you’ll want to click where the arrow is pointing the image below and toggle the button so it turns grey.

When you do this, you’ll receive a notice saying you are turning it off and asking if you are sure. Click “Turn Off”.

This is turning the monitoring off. Make sure the toggle button is grey so that you know it is done.

Once you are done with that you will want to go back to step 4 and click to clear history.

This will take out what they have already collected before you changed your settings. That’s it! Be sure to share this with your friends so that they can change their settings as well.

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