How to Spread Holiday Cheer

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The world could use a little more kindness and love especially right now, wouldn’t you agree? With the holidays near, now is a great time to spread that love and holiday cheer for all to hear.  So let’s take a ride in Santa’s sleigh through twirly-wirly gum drops lane to find out just How to Spread Holiday Cheer this year. how-to-spread-holiday-cheer

How to Spread Holiday Cheer

There are many ways one can spread holiday cheer. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how, but you do! The little elf has spoken and has given you a few of his/her favorite ideas:

  • Lend a helping hand. Maybe it’s that older neighbor you see shoveling snow or maybe it’s a friend moving back home that could use some extra hands for packing. Whatever it is, your time is valuable and when that is given for free with nothing needed in return, it’s magical and means so much.
  • Bake a delicious treat. You know what they say, the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach and the holidays are no exception. Taking the time to bake a homemade treat shows you care in more ways than one.
  • Pay it forward. Buy a stranger a coffee and watch the effect that a “pay it forward” can do. Your one small action can start a whole multitude of actions and all of those lives will be changed for the better that day.
  • Donate. Donate to your local charity. Clothes, food, or personal care items are all great options. You can even donate your time and money to help those that can really need a little more light in their life.
  • Spend time with someone. You know that just your presence can be a present to someone else. Spend time with a friend or a loved one and just be all there with them in that moment. It will mean more to the other person than you will ever know.
  • Write someone a note. In this day and age many of us don’t take the time to hand write things anymore. Because of that, when we do, it becomes that more special and meaningful. Take a moment to write a note to your spouse, friend, parent or child letting them know what they mean to you and why. Remember to cross those t’s and do those i’s in your own handwriting for something extra special.
  • Turn up the holiday music. Has anyone ever been in a bad mood while listening to Christmas music? I surely don’t think so! Turn on the holiday music loud enough for all of those around you to hear.

I personally plan to turn on the holiday music all season long. I love to wrap presents while I listen to music, bake cookies, and even just sit next to the fire with my family while the music plays. Because we have little boys that are a tad bit loud, we need music to be louder than they are. So that is why I use the BOSEbuild Speaker Cube.bosebuild The BOSEbuild speaker cube connects right to my iPad or iPhone and allows me to stream music. This little speaker packs a punch and is so loud you’d think you had a full-size speaker in the room when you don’t. I also love that I can customize the speaker to fit any mood or season. For Christmas, it’s all about the red, green and purple so that is exactly how the speaker will light while playing music! bosebuild2 The best part is, you build-it-yourself so the speaker is made at home just the way you like it. That alone makes it a perfect holiday gift. But if that doesn’t convince you, you’d probably be happy to know that it only costs $149.00 which is an awesome price for a gift like this. Kids can explain the world of science and at the end, listen to their favorite tunes! That is enough to spread some holiday cheer, wouldn’t you agree? Snag a BOSEbuild speaker cube and gift it this holiday season! So I ask you, what is your best way to spread holiday cheer?

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