7 Things To Expect When Your Daughter Starts Her Period…

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The moment your sonographer tells you “It looks like you’re having a girl” you know that this day will come:  The day where your daughter becomes a woman.  While nothing can quite prepare you for this new adventure, here are a few things you can expect… Or, at least, some things I’ve come to expect. But it’s okay…’cause being as I’m a woman and her mom and all, I’ve got a total been there/done that attitude where all this is concerned. It isn’t that I’m being cavalier about what she’s going through, it’s just that, well, I’m her mom. Still, if your daughter hasn’t started yet, here are some things you’ll definitely need to anticipate.


7 Things To Expect When Your Daughter Starts Her Period…

1. PRIDE – She will likely be very proud of this “accomplishment”. This may be all she wants to talk about, but don’t expect her to ask many questions.  As far as she is aware, she has already learned from her friends everything there is to know about this exciting new development—the rest she’ll learn the hard way.

2. RECKONING – Expect the novelty to wear off about the time the menstrual cramps set in. And once you remind her that she can look forward to this for several more days (and for the next 40 years or so), the reality of the situation finally sets in.

3. SHORT-TERM DISABILITY – Your heating pad, coziest blanket and any unguarded chocolate will likely disappear during this time. Anticipate that her new affliction will preclude her from any housework or anything else that separates her from her bed and a “Golden Girls” marathon. (It’s never too early to start them on the classics!)

4. TEARS – Once the hormones are raging and her mood alternates between angel and devil, expect arguments and tears over the smallest issues. You may even be able to discern “I don’t even know why I’m crying” between sobs, which will only add to her frustration that her body suddenly hates her.  This frustration also accompanies coughing, sneezing, sitting for too long, standing for too long or even laughing.

5. AVOIDANCE – Any male in the area unequipped to handle the delicate nature of the situation will suddenly disappear without warning. You will be tempted (so tempted!) to do the same but instead hold fast and ride out the eye of the storm because in there somewhere is your baby girl.

6. HOARDING – Expect that any period supplies will be stashed in bulk throughout your house, her backpack, her school locker and anywhere else she anticipates that she might be when her period strikes next. Because God forbid she start her period while she goes outside to get the mail.

7. CRAVINGS – I am convinced that one of today’s biggest medical mysteries is the effect of ice cream and Mexican food to alleviate period discomfort (both for the mother and the daughter). Or as my daughter said, “It’s like my body just knew that I needed Muchacos.” Isn’t the human body fascinating?

Hopefully this will help you navigate the treacherous waters stirred up by Hurricane Flo.  While nothing can fully prepare you for this special time in your daughter’s life, just remind yourself that “This too shall pass” and keep some comfort food and pain relievers around for yourself, too!

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