This Teacher’s Genius Hack Is The Perfect Way To Help Kids Learn Better From Home

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First of all, it saddens me to see that teachers are not being provided with the things they need to help them pull off these virtual classes.

Recently we told you a way you could rig a document camera from a children’s device. Well, not we have found another work around that is made from items you already have at home!

Sometimes you really need to be able to show kids, or anyone really, how to do something by demonstrating it visually. Some teachers have not been provided with the tools they need so that they can do this.

This teacher on Facebook posted a creation that they came up with! It’s made completely with things that you most likely have laying around in your home.

You will need the following:

  • CD
  • Pencil
  • Tape
  • Quarter

That’s it! You tape the pencil to the back of your computer screen. This is used to hold the CD in the right place. Then you place the cd over the pencil and tape a quarter to the front of it to weight it down.


Once that is done, the CD can pick up the image of anything you place on your keyboard. It will show in the reflection on the CD and then your webcam picks up that image. I know it sounds strange, but the images help explain it better.


Anything that is on your keyboard can be displayed. Once you are finished, just pick up the CD and there is your lovely face for the kids again! You could even show your students how to do this so that they can easily show their work as well. Absolutely brilliant!

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