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You Can Go Off The Grid By Staying In One Of These Adorable Vintage Campers

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Have you ever just wanted to go off the grid? Disappear for awhile and just enjoy some fresh air? Me too! Especially this year.

I’ll either blame it on that or my two toddlers. Take your pick.

I actually traveled with my family for three years in a camper, exploring the U.S., seeing the sights, and just having the freedom to take our home anywhere. So campers have a soft spot in my heart and I miss the feel of them.


So what if I told you, you can stay in a vintage camper BnB?! Just the thought of it excites me so much!

If you’re into the open skies, fresh air, and a home away from home, this sounds like the perfect type of getaway!


Circle M Farm BnB is based in Wisconsin and has the perfect, nature filled camper getaway to get you the fresh air and space you have been longing for! It is a 20 acre farm, and your stay would be in a cozy vintage camper.


There are three different campers on the land, all decorated adorably. They have homemade quilts, fridges stocked with local drinks to try, even record players to get some vintage feels with your music choices!


These campers have an outdoor shower room available, as well as baths in the main house to use if that is your preference. (some of us can only stand so much outdoors.) You even have the choice to learn the full on farm lifestyle by assisting with milking the cows and picking fresh fruits!


And this isn’t the only place that has such cute camper BnBs! Auto Camp is based in California and has the most gorgeous scenery!


If you’ve ever dreamed of traveling around in an Airstream, this is the right BnB for you! And to be located right by Sonoma’s wine country, it can’t get much better than this!

The have 23 customized Airstreams in the middle of the Redwood forest, and they include spa baths, flat screen TVs, and a decked out porch! (now, THIS is my kind of camping!)


I think it’s safe to say, I could get used to camping like this! I love Airstreams! And the redwood forest being right outside your door?!? Is this a fairytale?


You would be surprised at how many camper BnBs are available, so be sure to check out where you live and see if there are any near you!

You can also visit the June Bug Retro Resort for more information.


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