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Jimmy Fallon And Paul Rudd Team Up To Celebrate The “Teenie Weenie Beanie” And It’s Hilarious

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Jimmy Fallon teamed up with Paul Rudd for a hilarious song about Teenie Weenie Beanies, and I’m dying.

The Tonight Show

Let’s face it, Jimmy Fallon can pretty much do no wrong when it comes to bringing the funny to the Tonight Show.

His comedy bits — often involving celebrities — are the things that keep us coming back over and over again.

Did you see the time that he called out Taylor Swift for crying about a banana after eye surgery? OMG. Hysterical!

Now, Jimmy is joined by Paul Rudd, and the pair is celebrating all things Teenie Weenie Beanie.

The Tonight Show

If you don’t got a comb, just put it on your dome. It’s a teenie weenie beanie.

Jimmy Fallon
The Tonight Show

It sounds weird, but it’s sheer greatness. LOL!!

The Tonight Show

It’s made out of wool, and it makes you look cool. It’s a teenie weenie beanie.

Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd
The Tonight Show

Who in the world knew there were so many things to rhyme with beanie?!?

The Tonight Show

Wear a teenie weenie beanie while I eat some fettuccini.

Paul Rudd
The Tonight Show

Check out the hilarious Teenie Weenie Beanie video below.

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