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How to Make Cloth Diapers Out of Things You Have at Home (Free List Of Templates Included)

I cloth diapered all of my children and have made tons of diapers in the past. All of my children are well beyond the need now, but I see some of you are finding it hard to find diapers in stock.

So why not start creating an emergency stash of cloth diapers now? As I said, it has been years since I have needed diapers. But here are some ways you can make diapers at home!

You do not have to be a seamstress to make cloth diapers! I promise! In fact, I had never really used a sewing machine until I started making my own diapers.

By captainwiggles

I love pocket diapers and they are super easy to make from stuff you may already have at home! There are some super simple instructions using fleece on

If you make pocket diapers you’ll also need to sew soakers!

Another idea is a recycled t-shirt diaper! Super easy y’all!


NaturalViolet has printable templates (patterns) on her blog! She also has step by step instructions with a lot of photos.

Here are more FREE instructions and templates

You do not have to be perfect! I promise! It’s just for catching pee and poop! Pretty isn’t necessary! Perfection isn’t necessary. You can do this!

You can also make homemade baby wipes too!

Remember disposable diapers haven’t always existed and everyone survived. Heck, they didn’t even have sewing machines once upon a time.