Woman Uses Shaving Cream to Clean Her Recliner and It Actually Works

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Most recently, people are swearing by the power of shaving cream because not only can it make your legs smooth, but it can also get rid of spots on your love seat. 

So ditch the stain remover and stock up on the shaving cream?

Thanks to TikToker @heyyybec, we now know that shaving cream works to clean our living room furniture!

The two who decided to smear shaving cream all of the recliner worked miracles as the dark spots that covered the love seat were completely gone.

Courtesy of @heyyybec

The TikToker who also posted a part two including step by step instructions and the type of material the shaving cream worked with, the can of Gillette shaving cream you can find at Walmart worked wonders on the suede/microfiber material.

Courtesy of @heyyybec

After putting on a decent layer of shaving cream, walk away for a few minutes, come back with another towel and scrub, according to the video.

Then, use a towel to wipe off the leftover foam.

Courtesy of @heyyybec

Wait until the morning to see the finished results and your chair should look brand new!

Courtesy of @caseyfaye16

The viral video which grabbed the attention of many ‘for you pages’, TikToker @caseyfaye16 decided to try the hack for herself on a similar chair.

The before and after results are outstanding!

Courtesy of @heyyybec & @caseyfaye16

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