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Move Over Carolina Reaper, The New “Pepper X” Pepper Is Hotter Than Pepper Spray

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There is a new pepper in town, and it laughs at the heat of the Carolina Reaper — formerly the hottest pepper on record.

Pepper X — as it is known — has broken the Guinness World Record as the hottest pepper around.

Get this. It’s three times hotter than the previous record holder!!

This little heat bomb rates at about 2.693 million Scoville Heat Units (SHU), and that’s freaking hotter than law enforcement-grade pepper spray.

The flavor of Pepper X only lasts for a millisecond, and then the heat is just overwhelming.

Ed Currie, Puckerbutt Pepper’s founder & inventor of Pepper X

Nope. I value my insides too much.

Ed Currie sampled Pepper X on the show Hot Ones, which is cool in theory — it was interesting to watch.

First We Feast

But, Ed — who is only 1 of 2 people to ever try the pepper — said the experience of eating Pepper X gave him “cramps for hours.”

He said that, after the episode, he couldn’t even walk to his car without collapsing from the pain.

I laid down on a marble wall in the rain and groaned in pain for about an hour — A couple of my friends helped me get up to my room, and they gave me some ice cream, which just caused the cramps to happen again.

Ed Currie, Puckerbutt Pepper’s founder & inventor of Pepper X

Ed has a real affinity for peppers. He grows them, trying to create hotter and hotter varieties.

The dude is really passionate about peppers. He is the creator of the Carolina Reaper — formerly known as the hottest pepper.

He doesn’t plan to stop with Pepper X.

There are 2 more peppers in the pipeline, and they just might be spicier than Pepper X.

I can’t even imagine.

You can watch the Hot Ones episode with Ed Currie HERE.

First We Feast

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