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‘Sweet Magnolias’ Was Just Renewed for a Fourth Season and We’re Getting Our Margaritas Ready

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Let’s pour it out ladies!

Margarita night has just been rescheduled with Dana Sue, Helen, and Maddie because according to Netflix’s recent announcement, Sweet Magnolias will be back on our living room televisions soon enough!

Courtesy of Netflix

The hit television series will be back for a fourth season and let’s just say that unlike last season, season three’s finale ended on a much better note.

After hitting a rocky road in their relationship, Calvin and Maddie have worked things out and are better than ever.

Courtesy of Netflix

Dana Sue and Ronnie have officially renewed their vows, and it even looks like Annie and Tyler may soon admit feelings for one another considering their hand holding at the end of the finale.

We even see Noreen and Farmer Jeremy strike a connection too, so you could say that love, is in the air for the small town of Serenity.

Courtesy of Netflix

Now I hate to break it to you, but Helen and Ryan have broken up, and for good this time, but it seems as though there’s a silver line in this gut-wrenching breakup.

For those of you who have already watched season three, you’ll remember that Helen and Erik’s relationship ended so Helen and Ryan could give theirs one more try.

Courtesy of Netflix

Near the end of the final episode, Helen and Erik exchange looks at Dana Sue and Ronnie’s wedding that clearly insinuate a fiery, love connection that’s still left for each other.

And not to mention, Helen was also the lucky guest that caught Dana Sue’s wedding bouquet which we couldn’t be any happier about because we all want to see Helen find her prince charming!

Courtesy of Netflix

Now the only hole that wasn’t patched up quite yet was Issacs.

By now we know that Isaac, is the half brother to Noreen’s daughter because he is the son to Bill Townsend, and while we the audience know this information, no else in Serenity does except his birth mother!

Courtesy of Netflix

So who else is worried that this news, won’t blow over well because I know I am.

Sweet Magnolias will return for a fourth season but in regards to when another ten episodes will be released, those details have not been released just yet!

Courtesy of Netflix

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