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Nintendo Says 300,000 Nintendo Switch Accounts Were Hacked. Here Is What We Know.

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My son asked for a Nintendo Switch for his birthday, and now it turns out, we are probably lucky we didn’t get one for him.

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Nintendo announced a huge breach of player accounts back in April, but it turns out, what they thought was only about 130,000 accounts hacked, actually was probably closer to 300,000 accounts.


Are YOU one of the unlucky near 55 MILLION Nintendo Switch users that may have been affected by this breach? Listen up.


The issue applies specifically to anyone who connected their old Nintendo 3DS and Wii U “Nintendo Network ID,” or NNID, to the Switch. Nintendo now uses a system called Nintendo Account, but the company allowed people with existing NNIDs to connect those to their new Nintendo Account.


What does this mean? If you own a Nintendo Switch, and you ALSO own a Nintendo 3DS or a Wii U, if you connected to your Switch using your old NNID, it is possible you were a victim of this information hack.


How will you KNOW if your information was involved in the breach? You will probably get an email notifying you of the situation.


You will also be FORCED to reset your password — so don’t be shocked if you get a pop up asking for you to come up with a brand new password.


You can take extra precautions on your account by requiring a two-factor identification process. This will require a password, as well as one other way to identify yourself.


You may think this is tedious, but it may save you the hassle of having your information stolen in the future.

The Nintendo company wants to make sure you know that credit card information was NOT among the information that may have been hacked.

If you need more information, you should check out the Nintendo website.


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