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Disney’s ‘Moana 2’ Is Officially Coming To Theaters This Year and I Am Ready

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Get ready to hold onto something because Disney has just revealed what may be their biggest announcement OF. THE. YEAR!

It was 2016 since we last saw Moana and Maui but now, the Walt Disney Company has just revealed a few key details surrounding the second Moana film!

Courtesy of Disney

That’s right, according to Disney, Moana 2 is officially debuting THIS. YEAR., in 2024, I told you were going to want to hold onto something.

But not only has Disney shared Moana 2’s official release date, but the big mouse was also kind enough to release a first look into the second film as well!

Courtesy of Disney

And let’s just say that it looks Moana, is off on another thrilling adventure according to the movie’s recent synopsis,

“Moana 2 takes audiences on an expansive new voyage with Moana, Maui and a brand-new crew of unlikely seafarers. After receiving an unexpected call from her wayfinding ancestors, Moana must journey to the far seas of Oceania and into dangerous, long-lost waters for an adventure unlike anything she’s ever faced, per Walt Disney Animation Studios Youtube.”

Walt Disney Animation Studios
Courtesy of Disney

Did you notice that the first sentence mentioned “a brand new crew of unlikely seafarers“?

So it looks like Moana 2 will also be introducing several new characters, can this news get any better, but oh wait, it certainly can!

Courtesy of @disneyanimation

Moana 2 is scheduled to release in theaters the day before Thanksgiving, on November 27 of this year!

You can also watch the first look of Moana 2, right here!

Courtesy of @disneyanimation

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