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French Bulldog Theft Is Apparently Now A Thing So Watch Your Dogs Closely

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Theft happens. It’s always been a thing, and always will, unfortunately.

But now, thieves are taking to abducting something that’s incredibly alarming, especially if you are a person who thinks of your doggo as one of your children.

I mean, it’s not new for thieves to take an expensive dog off someone’s hands — illegally.

It happened to me, for crying out loud — twice.

Side Note: Never leave a dog outside in a pen or a run when you leave the house, even if it is padlocked up tight.

These modern day land pirates are taking something you might not expect, and it’s pretty sad.

French Bulldogs are now on the list of things you need to watch carefully.

Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Was Shot For Her French Bulldogs

You might remember a little incident that happened last year. Lady Gaga’s dog walker was shot while out walking Gaga’s pups. The perps got away with 2 of her 3 French Bulldogs.

How scary is that?!?

You might think you’re safe, because — come on — Lady Gaga is rich and famous. They probably targeted her specifically, right?

Unfortunately, this kind of theft isn’t only happening to high-profile celebrities, though.

French Bulldog Theft Can Happen To Anyone

According to the NY Times, the French Bulldog is now being targeted as a specifically special breed.

The American Kennel Club reports that the French Bulldog is one of the most popular breeds of dog, coming in second to the Labrador Retriever.

You have to admit, they are ridiculously cute!!

This has led to robbers carrying out some pretty covert plans to capture and kidnap these stubby-nosed little tail waggers.

In the NY Times article, there was even one case that involved a group of thieves — not one singular thief. They traveled in a pack!

They spent the better part of an hour tracking a woman and her dog, and then threatened the lady at gunpoint. All for her dang dog!

Something isn’t right when a French Bulldog owner feels like they have to carry self-defense items just to take their doggo out for a walk!

That being said, if you are one of the many people who now owns one of these incredibly cute little pups, make sure you keep at least one eye in its direction at all times.

I wouldn’t want you to be one of the unlucky who are left without your little itty bitty fur baby.

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