Smart Things to Pack for Your Day at Disney

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You might be wondering what to pay for your trip to Disney and our guide shares Smart Things to Pack for Your Day at Disney so you can have less worry about what to pack, and more worry about having fun!

When going to a theme park like Walt Disney World or Disneyland, you want to have all the things you might need but don’t want to overpack and have to carry unnecessary items around with you all day.

I consider myself a bit of a Disney expert and I have a perfect list of items that will insure that you are prepared for a day at the park.

This list will save you money because you won’t have to pay top prices at the parks and resorts for items that you forgot to pack. You’ll also be saving yourself valuable vacation time by keeping these items on hand.

There will be no power walks across Magic Kingdom in search of Pepto Bismol for you! Follow this guide and rest assured that you’ll have everything you need to enjoy your day at the House of Mouse!

Smart Things to Pack for Your Day at Disney

First on the list is a backpack. Don’t bring a huge camping sized bag that cuts into other people’s space though! I’ve been nearly toppled over by a large and in charge backpack or two! I really like Loungefly’s Disney line of backpacks. They’re sturdy and durable but lightweight and slim.


Hand sanitizer or Wet Wipes come in handy often at the parks. Lines are long in the bathrooms and you don’t always want to wait to wash your hands before snacks or meals. Knock those germs and virus out in seconds!

The Florida sun makes park days much more enjoyable but be sure to pack and apply your sunscreen to keep yourself protected. You don’t want to deal with a sunburn after a fun day. 

Refillable water bottles are a must! Bottled waters are about $3 each in the parks. Why pay for it when you can get free water and ice from any stand that serves fountain drinks? Insulated bottles are an even better idea for keeping your drinks nice and cold.

Rain showers are just a part of life in central Florida. They come and go so quickly that they usually don’t put too much of a damper on the fun but be prepared with ponchos just in case. The ponchos from the dollar store are good options. Keep them in the backpack and pull them out as needed instead of running for the nearest shelter when a shower comes!


Medicine Bag/First Aid kit filled with things like bandages, OTC painkillers, Tums, chewable Pepto Bismol, allergy medication and antibiotic cream are great to have in case of a small emergency. A small makeup bag or even a zipper pencil case are good options for bags because they can hold everything without taking up much room in your backpack.

A few Ziplock bags don’t take up any room at all, yet they are just what you need if you want to get on a water ride but have valuables. Tuck your phone, watch or wallet inside and keep them protected.

Snacks! Disney allows you to bring in food. Stash some granola bars or trail mix in your bag for a quick pick me up while in line for an attraction or for snacking on during a parade. If you’re a gum chewer, be sure to bring your own supply because it is not sold in WDW at all! Just remember, there are certain items Disney has banned now from their parks.

Outlets aren’t very plentiful but there are some around the parks. Go ahead and bring your phone charger just in case your battery dies and you need a quick charge. Ask a Cast Member if they know of a place where you can plug in for a short while.


At the end of a long day in the parks, you’ll be happy that you kept your backpack light and only brought along essentials. Is there any must have item that you take to the parks with you? Let me know if I need to add anything to mine on my next trip!

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