This Shocking Photo Of A ‘Human-Sized Bat’ Is Real, And I May Never Sleep Again

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Oh. Hell. No.

Hang around on Twitter long enough, and you’re bound to find something you can’t unsee.

This photo of a bat, that appears to be the size of a human, is a prime example of one such thing.

There is no reason at all that I ever needed to know these existed.

And, as it turns out, this photo is not a fake.

Look at those “fingers.” I’m so dying right now.

This is literally one of the things my nightmares are made of.

The photo was taken in the Philippines, and the freaky flying mammal in question is a giant golden crowned flying fox.

Now, while this photo is not a fake, it is a bit deceiving.

It is taken at such an angle that makes this megabat — that I can only describe it as Dracula — look like he’s about 5 feet tall.

It’s forced perspective at its finest.

In actuality, the giant golden crowned flying fox is only about 18 inches tall when hanging upside down.

That’s still 18 inches too tall, right?!?

Get this, though. The giant golden crowned flying fox has a wingspan of about 5 1/2 feet.


While it looks completely terrifying, this bat is actually a vegetarian.

Its diet consists of fruit — not humans.

While calling it “human sized” might be just a tad bit of a reach, the giant golden crowned flying fox is definitely one of the biggest bats to exist.

This type of bat is also currently classed as an endangered species as a result of deforestation.

Now, thankfully this monstrosity of a bat can only be found in the Philippines.

So, what I’m saying is that I’m NEVER going to the Philippines.

Like, ever.

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