Dear Parents, You Should Never Let Your Kids Wear Hoodies On The Playground. Here’s Why.

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One TikTok mom is putting a warning out to parents: Don’t let your kids wear hoodies on playground equipment.

It’s something that seems so benign, but letting your child wear a hoodie on playground equipment could have disastrous results.

And, things can go from hunky dory to emergency situation in mere seconds.

How in the world could wearing a hoodie on the playground be dangerous, you might be asking.

I know. I would have never even thought twice about sticking my kid in a hoodie, and taking them to the park.

Heck, I’ve done it a million times.

But, I’m going to think twice about the hoodie situation in the future.

TikToker, zoinkskas, puts out the warning.

It took less than 30 seconds for her to become entangled in the hoodie string and unable to breathe. The entire incident was less than 90 seconds, but she was purple by the time I was able to cut her free.


Most playground equipment is made of wood — like, wood slats nailed together to make a frame for kids to play on.

Those wood slats probably have little gaps in between each plank of wood.

Many hoodie strings are tied into knots at the end, and these knots can get trapped in the gaps of the wood slats of the playground equipment.

10 hours in the ER. CT scan done. Possible MRI in the future. Please, PLEASE, remove hoodie strings, scarves, necklaces, ANYTHING that could get caught on a playset.


It’s scary, but zoinkskas makes a valid point that never even crossed my mind.

Kids can get tangled up before you even know it — in the blink of an eye.

All it would take is a second of not paying attention, and your little can get into trouble REALLY quick.

I’m begging you. It happened so fast.


What do you think? Have you ever thought about the dangers of wearing hoodies on playground equipment?

I can tell you, I will be removing all strings from the hoodies that my kids are wearing before I send them out to play.

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