This Super Smart IKEA Bag Trick Keeps You from Peeing on Your Wedding Dress

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The days are over when bride’s have to choose between peeing on their wedding dress or becoming dehydrated just to avoid using the bathroom.

Sure, we’ve got products like the Bridal Buddy to hold our dress while we pee but who has an extra $35 to spend after paying for their wedding?

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I know I didn’t!

So, there has to be a better alternative, right?

Well, thanks to one newlywed and her viral IKEA bag hack, there is!

This crafty and dare I say, creative bride decided to take an IKEA bag and a pair of scissors to make her own bathroom buddy.

The bride posted on Facebook saying:

“Well, I got married a few weeks ago (in a mermaid wedding dress) and I was really worried about going to the bathroom and not being able to … handle myself. Someone helping or watching me going to the bathroom on my wedding day? Not being able to have free hands to use the toilet paper? Or even worse if my period decides to show? NO WAY! My bridal bathroom helper hack costs about 0.80 euro and I did it the day before my wedding. It took only 3 minutes. What I like best is it’s almost free and allows me to make my life easier on my wedding day. So here is the hack.”

Source: Facebook

The best part? It totally worked!

In the U.S. these IKEA bags will cost you about $1.29. A small price to pay for some peace of mind when hitting the toilet after one too many drinks.

I got to hand it to her, I wish I had be this creative on my wedding day!

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