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Selling Sunset Is The Best Show On Netflix Right Now

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If The Hills had an older, sexier, more sophisticated sister, it would be Netflix’s Selling Sunset, and I can not get enough of it.

Selling Sunset a reality tv show about a group of crazy hot realtor ladies working together in an office selling multi million dollar listings, some of Los Angeles’s most beautiful real estate.


It’s no surprise it feels like The Hills. Adam Divello, was the creator of both shows, and I have to say I have missed his style of non-drama drama.


The main chick (there’s always a main chick in these sorts of shows) is the country bumpkin new girl ready to break into LA Real Estate. Or, like so they would have you believe. In reality, she’s married to Justin Hartley from This is US.

So she’s hardly a nobody.


There’s a bitch, too. Every reality show has to have one, although, nobody will ever play a bitch the way Omarosa did, all others are inferior to her powers.


Isn’t she just so tall and blonde and evil? It’s so perfect.

It’s important to point out that despite being centered around all things high-end Real Estate, this show is NOT about the real estate. It’s about the ladies, their relationships, and the way they all interact.

The girls are pitted together in a head-to-head battle for listings, where the winner gets giant commissions.

We are talking like hundreds of thousands of dollars here.

Which is why you think they would be nastier to each other. Why you would think they cat fights and backstabs would be on super drive, but they’re just… not.

That’s okay though, because it isn’t lacking in drama just because they aren’t over the top.

There are a couple of things that are quite crazy though. It turns out that the girls are awful at their jobs.

In fact, the more you dig, the more you discover that not only is this reality show feeling a little scripted, but there is actually a whole other half of staff in the office of the Oppenheim group (where they work) that aren’t even on the show. At least, according to their website that is.

So, even the show would have you believe it’s all made up of super hot mega babes, and no guys other than the owners, that is clearly not the case.

Which is good, because somebody has to get some real work done around there.

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