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Spirit Halloween Just Confirmed 1,400 Stores Will Open This Fall and I Am So Ready

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Halloween is one of the best times of the year! Not just the one night, but dude…we have a whole Halloween season at my house! We love going to Spirit Halloween, and when I read the rumors that they may not open this year I was crushed!

Spirit Halloween

Yes, yes, the coronavirus is a concern and there was a rumor that because of it, that Spirit Halloween would not be opening it’s stores this season. In fact, you probably saw this image circulating Facebook…

But the keyword is RUMOR because that is FAKE! It isn’t true and Spirit Halloween confirmed the news today that they WILL be open!

Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween is one of the most popular Halloween stores. They always set up pop up style stores in empty buildings and store fronts. They always have the coolest things to browse and buy.

They plan to open 1,400 locations this fall and we are so happy! They will have some rules in place, especially when it comes to trying things on. But they are doing what they have to do in order to open up for us all.

We heard you’re crushed. Well, don’t worry, the rumors aren’t true. WE ARE BACK & WE GOT THIS COVERED. We are safely preparing the best in-store experience possible & can’t wait to welcome you back at our 1,400 locations. Come early & help make this year the best Halloween ever.

Spirit Halloween shared on Twitter

This is fantastic! I hope that it all goes as planned! Who knows these days right? I’m needing to stock up supplies for these crazies so they can frighten more people than ever this year!


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