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Taco Bell Is Bringing Back Its Volcano Menu And It’s Going To Be One Hot Summer

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Hold onto your tastebuds, because Taco Bell just announced some super hot news!!

If you are one of the THOUSANDS of people who misses the heck out of the Volcano Menu at Taco Bell, have we got some good news for you.

It’s. Freakin’. Back.

This summer, Taco Bell is bringing back the seriously sizzling Volcano Menu!

A menu so hot we can’t keep our cool. Established all the way back in 1995, Taco Bell is returning up the heat, for the third time, with the perfect encore to satisfy your spice cravings through the return of the fan favorite Volcano Menu.

Taco Bell

You are going to be able to get your Volcano on in three different ways.

Taco Bell is hitting the ground running with the Volcano Burrito, Volcano Taco, and the option to add Lava Sauce to any menu item.

I mean, come on! This is going to be a seriously hot summer!!

Like many of Taco Bell’s iconic menu items, the Volcano Menu is beloved for its craveability to superfans and the everyday enthusiasts who value exclusive offers.

Taco Bell

If you’ve ever wondered if petitioning for an item’s return works, wonder no more!

Taco Bell fans have been very vocal about wanting to see the return of the Volcano Menu, taking to every social media outlet available to beg for the return.

Well, Taco Bell has heard the pleas and cries from the masses, and they are answering in the most tasty way possible.

Now, the BAD news is that the Volcano Menu is coming back for a LIMITED time.

The GOOD news is that Taco Bell Rewards members can start ordering the Volcano Menu items on June 27th.

The Volcano Menu will be available to the general public on June 29th.

Get it while you can!!

Hey, maybe this will be like the Mexican Pizza — so popular in its return, that they decide to make it a permanent fixture on the Taco Bell Menu!

We can hope and wish, right?!?

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