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Frank’s Red Hot Just Created a Spicy Dill Pickle Hot Sauce and It Sounds Delicious

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It’s safe to say that the condiment companies are in a pickle craze.

Hidden Valley just released a pickle and ranch sauce as well as Heinz introducing a giant pickling kit and now, Frank’s Red Hot has just added pickles into their iconic hot sauce!

Courtesy of @franksredhot

So without any other further hesitation, spicy meet sour and sour meet spicy.

And now that we’re formally introduced, Frank’s Red Hot has just introduced a spicy dill pickle hot sauce that combines the salty and sour punch of a dill pickle squeezed into a heated hot sauce.

Courtesy of @franksredhot

Described as a dilly, tangy, and pickle-y flavor combined with some heat according to the McCormick & Company website, you can most certainly count on this hot sauce to have just as much pickle as it does heat.

Courtesy of @markie_devo

So if you’ve ever drizzled hot sauce on a whole pickle to make it spicy, or even doused your burger with you know what with pickles, Frank’s Red Hot has already done the work for you!

The days of buying pickles and hot sauce separately at the grocery stores are over.

Courtesy of McCormick & Company

Not to mention this hot sauce was designed to be enjoyed by any person who’s dare enough to try it because this hot sauce doesn’t stuff too much heat.

As you can see from Frank’s Red Hot meter, their pickle hot sauce is only slightly above mild.

Courtesy of McCormick & Company

This pickled flavored heat sounds like the perfect pair to a chicken sandwich, wings or even going as far chocolate covered popcorn because who doesn’t like a classic sweet and spicy combination.

Courtesy of @markie_devo

Now is it just me or are you hungry too?

You can currently find the pickled hot sauce on the McCormick & Company website for less than ten bucks for two bottles to satisfy the current craving this hot sauce just caused.

Courtesy of @snackolator

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